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Zealous  Advocacy By A Board-Certified Trucking Accident Attorney

There are few motor vehicle accidents as devastating as those involving trucks. The sheer size of these vehicles and the speed at which they travel usually result in the complete destruction of whatever vehicle they impact, causing catastrophic injuries to people. We understand how to handle these cases at the Scherr Law Firm. Our founder, Maxey Scherr, has over 15 years of experience in litigating these tough cases. She has earned her board certification in trucking accidents in New Mexico and Illinois and is one of only a handful of women in the country to have such a certification.

She understands how to litigate the injuries in these cases because she has a background in neuroscience, which gives her an edge when it comes to presenting medical evidence for severe injuries and cross-examining the defense’s expert witnesses. Maxey is dedicated to helping families that have lost loved ones in trucking accidents and need recovering for their losses and rebuilding their lives. She has earned her clients’ trust as well as the trust of her peers in the legal system, as her former clients and other attorneys frequently refer cases to her from across the nation. You can rely on her aggressive, skilled and science-based approach to help you.

Maxey Is A Dedicated Advocate For Her Clients In Court

Clients and other attorneys seek out Maxey for their cases because she has earned her reputation for skilled and aggressive litigation against trucking and insurance companies. Her experience, scientific knowledge and ability to effectively communicate to the jury make her an invaluable litigation resource. She can get complex legal theories across to jurors in a simple fashion and without the legal jargon, empowering them with all the information they need to render a just verdict. With her education and background, she has an authoritative level of knowledge over the issues in these cases that jurors recognize and appreciate.

As one of only a handful of women in the nation who is board certified in this practice area, she brings a unique and diverse perspective to the courtroom to increase her clients’ potential recoveries.

Don’t Settle For A Billboard Lawyer – Get The Board-Certified Attorney

Trucking accidents are much more complex than your average motor vehicle accidents due to the parties involved and the stakes at play, so you cannot take a chance on hiring just any attorney with a big marketing budget. You want to make sure that your lawyer has the unique skills and knowledge to handle your case, and Maxey has the skills and experience to prove that she can help you.

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