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At Scherr Law Firm we are a litigation firm with a focus on trucking accidents. Our founder, Maxey Scherr, is a skilled attorney with over 15 years of courtroom experience in fighting for her clients and partnering with other law firms across the country in trucking accident cases. With extensive knowledge and skills in this area, she earned her board certification in trucking accidents in New Mexico and Illinois and is one of only a handful of women in the nation to possess such a certificate. She is the first and only female board certified trucking lawyer in New Mexico.

Maxey has an extensive understanding of injuries that commonly result from trucking accidents; especially fatal catastrophes and traumatic brain injuries that leave permanent, life-altering outcomes. Her education in neuroscience grants her an edge when presenting her client’s injuries in court and allows her to dismantle defense expert testimony that attempts to downplay those same injuries. Her strategy in approaching trucking accident cases is leveraging her extensive experience, scientific background and insight into the law to hold the negligent parties accountable by getting her clients the fair compensation they deserve and justice for their loved ones.

Maxey has won over 40 jury verdicts that resulted in large, multifigure damages for her clients and has many other settlements and appellate decisions on her record. She is committed to serving not just her clients, but – more broadly – she champions many other causes as a staunch advocate.

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Making The Roads Safer By Exposing The Risks Of Trucking Accidents

Our goal at the Scherr Law Firm is holding trucking companies accountable and preventing them from sweeping their actions out of view. In many cases, the companies will push for a confidential settlement with the victim and their family so that they can settle for less and reduce the amount of negative publicity that they will face. Maxey fights back against this, not just in her work on behalf of clients but also publicly through lobbying, teaching, publishing articles on related subjects, and attending industry events to raise awareness of this issue.

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Getting injured in a trucking accident can have life-altering consequences, and the average lawyer may not understand the nuances of fighting against trucking and insurance companies. Rather than taking you seriously, they may try and force an inadequate settlement and treat you as just another claim number. With Maxey, you can be certain that you will be taken seriously, as her reputation, credentials and experience send the message to the other side that you mean business and that they won’t get off the hook for the damage they have caused you and your family.

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