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Scherr law firm secures $10.65 million verdict first trial

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Firm News

Scherr Law Firm secured a $10.65 Million verdict in the firm’s first case since Maxey M. Scherr opened in 2022. The plaintiff, a 28-year old Swift Transportation female truck driver, suffered a permanent traumatic brain injury, among other medical conditions, when a semi-trailer door came crashing down on the back of her head on September 27, 2017.The plaintiff made previous attempts to notify the company about their doors but they were not adequately addressed.

Scherr, accompanied by Robert Collins and John C. Camillus, presented evidence throughout the eight-day trial that their client’s life-changing injuries directly resulted from Swift Transportation’s negligence. The plaintiff’s legal team argued that Swift Transportation failed to provide sufficient training and abandoned ordinary care under the circumstances.

The defendant disputed the extent of the injuries sustained by the plaintiff and argued the plaintiff was the sole proximate cause of the injury. After closing arguments, the jury deliberated for five hours before delivering the final verdict.

Licensed in Texas, New Mexico and Illinois, Maxey M. Scherr ensures her clients get the respect they deserve when a trucking accident or brain injury affects their lives physically, emotionally and financially. Scherr is Board Certified and serves on numerous boards specializing in the areas of trucking law and brain injury. In addition to her doctorate from Texas Tech School of Law, Scherr also possesses a Psychology degree from the University of Massachusetts-Boston and undertook postgraduate coursework in Neuroscience at Harvard University.